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 (Simple) Google Translator Widget for S60 WRT

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PostSubyek: (Simple) Google Translator Widget for S60 WRT   Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:06 pm

This morning I wanted to send some Chinese SMS msgs from my phone, because today was the Lunar New Year. However, I couldn't find a way to give me easy translated strings... I searched a bit on the Internet; there were some S60 WRTs already, but none seemed to let me cut and paste the results... I was suprised no one (at least I couldn't find) had created a Google Translate version for S60. So I had done the the engineer's way, write it myself; here I go... I wrote the whole thing in less then 20 min. Believe me, it took more time to upload the widget to MOSH, create the preview pictures, and write this post to tell you about it.

Some tips:

1) downloadGoogle Translator Widget for S60 WRT

2) If you interested in reading more about Google AJAX Lanaguage API, here is the link

3) If your favorite language(s), are not there you can change the code your self. Go into the widget index.html and change this section using: CapsOff / X-Plore / Find index.html / Press 8 / Edit

C\E: Private/10282822/com.nokia.widgets.googletranslator/GoogleTranslator0.1/index.html

Complete list of missing languages:
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(Simple) Google Translator Widget for S60 WRT
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