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 WPE PRO Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9a And Tutorial

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PostSubyek: WPE PRO Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9a And Tutorial   Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:57 pm

Application - Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9a
This is a TCP/IP Packet Sniffer With Virus Capabilities Mistaken
For A Trojan*
1. Disable Anti-Virus (Because these days security can detect Wpe)
2. Open WPE PRO.exe (WpeSpy.dll Must be in same folder)
3. Target The Process You Wish To Hack/Sniff.
In Most Cases:
Or Game Process.
Make filters if needed, I rarely use them. Press the Record button (Looks
like this for those who cant see what's n front of them Its a black arrow top left)
Stop when the event you are waiting for happens. Look through the bottom packets that appear until you find what you need. (also look through them all, because you
might find something you would find to come in handy later.)
Right click to see a menu appear. Send: A new window will appear allowing you to see the IP of the
server your connected to. And will also allow you to view the port and edit & send the packet again.
Add to send list: Ads the packet to the send list, To view this list go to bottom left hand corner & click the tab "Filter/Send" (send) In hear you can also save packets & open previously saved packets.
Set send list with socket id: This speaks for its self, It adds the port that the packet was received from. This way you can send saved packets in the send list, Without having to add a port manually.
That's all for this beginner tutorial have fun.
WPE Files After Ending
C:\Documents and Settings\%User%\Cookies\%U ser%@wpepro [1]
C:\Documents and Settings\%User%\Recent\WPE PRO
PRO.EXE-2 CA09 F82.pf
Also makes a folder called $R
something a long name and
makes a copy of its self and
And also in: C:\System Volume
C:\system Volume Information\_restore{ 202550 A8- 7 A33-4 BCA- 9586-051 D24 DDBF8 F}\RP27 \A 0012559 .exe Trojan horse Generic2.MBC
Download WPE PRO MFC Application - Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9a Here

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WPE PRO Winsock Packet Editor Pro 0.9a And Tutorial
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